Our proprietary tools have the capability to prioritize care, track trends and measure outcomes which allows us to effectively manage patient populations.

Health Records


We pride ourselves on our expertise in developing and implementing our customized EHR solution for our clients to address the unique needs of each site. Our EHR system includes:

  • Customized forms specific to your facility.
  • Training prior to deployment.

Assisted Treatment

We implement MAT induction and continuation services to enhance outcomes and continuity of care for incarcerated individuals. Our MAT program involves four key steps:
  • Continuation of any verified / approved community prescribed MAT program for those current community MAT patients entering the facility.
  • Identification of patients appropriate for the initiation or induction of medication assisted treatment.
  • Provision of appropriate discharge medication to patients participating in the program and required discharge education and instructions to the releasing detainee.
  • Upon release, reestablishment of linkage to the community MAT program.


We offer telehealth services to reduce the need for patient transport and increase patient access to specialty services. We are experts in designing and implementing telehealth systems for both medical and behavioral health cases for our clients.

Discharge Planning

Our NCCHC award winning discharge program integrates release planning into our patient care model throughout the course of incarceration. From the first identification of a patient’s need for continuing medical care right up until release. Our discharge planning program includes:
  • Formal linkages to community-based organizations.
  • Coordination of follow up care upon discharge.
  • Patient education specific to disease and chronic condition.
  • Coordination of community-based resources and Medicaid enrollment, if applicable.

Care Team

We provide an interdisciplinary approach in setting patient goals and coordination of care. Our process focuses on determining the treatment required upon discharge to ensure the patient continues to receive the necessary treatment when transitioning through the care delivery system. Early planning prevents future readmissions, promotes safe discharge, quality care and prevents administrative delays.